Guest post by Marc Hyden from CCATDP:


Conservatives are increasingly calling for criminal justice reform.


Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty (CCATDP) returned to the

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as an exhibitor in March 2014. We

enjoyed yet another tremendous reception from conservatives across the ideological

spectrum, but there was a difference this year. We weren’t viewed as a novelty but as

an established element in today’s conservative movement. It was also apparent that

broader criminal justice reform is becoming a major theme in the conservative world. An

increasing number of conservatives are concerned about today’s broken criminal justice

system, and that concern provides an opportunity for the conservative movement to

grow and thrive among new constituencies.


Right on Crime, Prison Fellowship Ministries, and Families Against Mandatory

Minimums joined CCATDP as an exhibitor at CPAC and hosted well-traveled booths.

This is unsurprising though, because many programs and components within the

criminal justice system do not align with conservative principles and because the

criminal justice system affects everyone from offenders, victims, and the taxpayers.

Perhaps the clearest example of a criminal justice program that is antithetical to

conservatism is today’s use of the death penalty, which conservatives are increasingly



The days of conservatives blindly supporting the death penalty are clearly over

because many of us understand the many reasons why it stands in contrast to our

core principles. Today’s system of capital punishment bears an undeniable risk to

innocent life. We know that the government makes mistakes, but in no way is this kind

of collateral damage acceptable when there are viable alternatives. It’s also extensively

understood that the death penalty is far more costly than other options including life-
without-parole. In an age when government budgets are often left unbalanced and debt

is accumulated, it is important to consider cutting nonessential and wasteful government

programs such as the death penalty.


Capital punishment is supposed to serve some sort of good to society, but the evidence

suggests that the death penalty doesn’t accomplish many of its purported goals.

Victims’ families are speaking out against capital punishment because of the endless

appeals and media coverage that forces them to relive those traumatic experiences.

Additionally, scientific studies are showing that the death penalty doesn’t even deter

murder. What capital punishment has become is a program that has an unacceptable

cost to life and state and federal budgets while accomplishing little.


Many of these same faults found in the death penalty program are representative

of broader failures in the criminal justice system including prison overpopulation,

recidivism, mandatory minimums for certain crimes, costly punishments for victimless

crimes, or the negative affects on victims. Most will agree that the criminal justice

system is not working efficiently or effectively, but it can be molded into a system that

works better and fits perfectly within fundamental conservative doctrines.


The moral, pragmatic, and philosophical conservative objections to the many

criminal justice problems can provide common ground with those who feel most

strongly affected by today’s criminal justice system, constituencies of color and the

impoverished. Conservatives can work together with these constituencies to achieve

common sense solutions for an issue that affects us all.

I received an email recently from my state senator, Jennifer Wexton.  In part of the email she was pointing out various bills she supports, here’s an excerpt:

Equal Rights for All Citizens:  The Senate passed SB 252, which would enable the LGBT partners of certain state and local government employees to buy health insurance through their partners’ employers.  I also became a “Virginia Legislator for Marriage Equality,” and I will continue to fight for equal treatment for all Virginians under the law, so that no one is treated differently because of whom they love.

I’m curious about how serious Ms. Wexton really is by that portion I put in bold.  Will she fight for equal treatment for a man who loves 6 women? Can they all get health insurance from each others’ employers?  Or does she just mean love between two parties…so then will she fight for equal treatment for a woman who loves her horse so much they decided to get married?  Well maybe that’s too far, let’s stick with two humans, eh?  Ok, will she fight for equal treatment under the law for a man who loves his child and wants to marry?  Sorry I had to put all these images in your mind, I’m just curious about what Ms. Wexton really means when she says that she will fight for equal treatment for all Virginians under the law, so that no one is treated differently because of whom they love.  Will she really fight for equal treatment for all Virginians under the law no matter how extreme or twisted their “love” is?

Or is it really that she only wants to fight for 2 men who “love” each other?  It’s a serious question: How serious is Jennifer Wexton when it comes to love and equality?




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FINAL UPDATE: CPAC was once again an awesome experience.  Sometime this week I’ll be posting a link to the radio show we did at CPAC.  The post will also include some fun pictures from the day!

UPDATE 2:15PM: I see Rohan, my liberal counterpart, has been posting a lot about CPAC on his blog.  Go check it out and please comment if you disagree with him on any points (I don’t have time to debate him right now).

UPDATE 9:00AM: Gov. Rick Perry has taken the stage as the first speaker of the day.  Check out my twitter account (@JTHmishmash) for more updates and speech quotes.

UPDATE 8:53AM: Had a nice conversation with Shak Hill (R-VA), candidate for U.S. Senate.  He seems excited about his chances of winning and he’s ready to take on Mark Warner.  (Will have a full post dedicated to him in the future)

UPDATE 8:31AM: We’re here! (Photo of the main room)

photo (7)


I’ll be at the Gaylord National Resort today for the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference!  I’m bringing Rohan Ramesh, my liberal co-host from Take it to the Hill on WGMU…so that’ll be interesting and fun (it’s all part of my master plan to turn him into a conservative)!

Keep checking back here for updates and pictures!  Also, we’re pre-recording a show from 4-5PM on radio row, so you’ll want to listen to Monday night at 10PM for that!

And of course you can watch CPAC live from your comfy couch at home, just click here.

Want me to get a picture of something specific? Need me to deliver a message to a politician?  Have any questions?  Just comment below or tweet me @JTHmishmash!

Happy Friday! God bless!

It’s been almost a month since I’ve last posted and now I’m back to share with you what I’ve been working on. Mason 3D LLC.

In politics, we all talk the talk about how important small businesses are to society and how innovation is
the American way”.  In the beginning of February, a friend of mine and I were hit with an idea, and now we’re ready to walk the walk and turn that idea into a small business.

It’s a 3D printing, consulting, and education service we’ll be providing here in the NoVA/DC area.  The 3D printing industry has been growing rapidly and the technology in extremely intriguing.  I’ve been interested in 3D modeling since back in High School when that’s what we did in our free time for a Computer-aided Design class.  Recently, the idea of making 3D printing available at a low-cost for consumers has become a reality.  Currently, a quality printer is a little too expensive for the average enthusiast and also a little technically advanced for the general public (most people don’t want to spend hours troubleshooting to get a printer to print).  To solve those problems, we’re getting the printer and we’ll spend all that time for you making it do what you want.  There’s a lot more to our business model and plan than that, but that’s the gist of it.

Here’s our website:



If you want to learn about 3D printing, we’ll teach you.  If you want to use a 3D printer, ours will be available to you.  If you want to buy a 3D printer, we’ll help you find the right match.  We’re here to help you get involved in 3D printing as it becomes mainstream in society.  This is the future.  On that note, check out our blog post on the website titled, “The Future”.

Along with a few fun 3D printing posts here and there mixed in with the politics, I’ll also be posting about the process of starting a business in general.  It’s been exciting and complicated so far, but we’re energetic and ready to work.  Hopefully by documenting our experience it will help someone else in the future.  Definitely keep checking back here at JTHmishmash for posts about our journey as a start-up small business in America.

Thanks to everyone so far for the overwhelming support and feedback! Please check out our social media accounts and send us any ideas or suggestions!

God bless!

If you think we should be, contact your representative ASAP. Click here for a full list with contact information.  There will be a vote on this very soon.

Here’s what I wrote for Bearing Drift:

Last week, HJ 9, an application for a convention of states, made it out of the House of Delegates Committee on Rules with a bipartisan 9-6 vote (1 Democrat vote makes it bipartisan, right?). Two-thirds of the states need to submit a similar application for the convention to actually happen via Article V of the United States Constitution., a project of Citizens for Self-Governance, has been playing a leading role in organizing a national convention of states through Article V. The COS Project is calling for a convention with the specific purpose to reduce the federal government’s power.

While they aren’t calling for definitive amendments right now, one example they recommend is a balanced budget amendment. The COS website says:

“By calling a convention of the states, we can stop the federal spending and debt spree, the power grabs of the federal courts, and other misuses of federal power. The current situation is precisely what the Founders feared, and they gave us a solution we have a duty to use.”

If a convention were to actually happen, one would expect consideration and special attention to Mark Levin’s ideas suggested in his recent book, “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic”. Levin, a nationally syndicated talk show host, was the one who originally got the ball rolling for this whole idea to amend the Constitution.

The resolution is expected to be heard by the VA House of Delegates this week. Now is the time to tell your representative what you think.

For more information about the Convention of States project, click here.

Also, one bill that I’ve been fighting really hard for is HB 258.  The Constitutional Law Subcommittee will be addressing it today, so please contact all of the committee members and tell them you support this college campus free speech bill.  Here are their email addresses:;;;;;;;;

Every single email helps! Have a great week. God bless!


Check out this creative ad by Curt Clawson:

February is here and along with it comes the title of “Black History Month”.  I’ve been pondering the best way to speak my mind on this concept without inciting any hate and/or conflict.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I should just jot down a few of my thoughts and then let Morgan Freeman take it from there. Good plan? OK, let’s do it.  Here are my thoughts:

Why does black history have its own month? What about other races, where are their months?  Is black history only important enough to be highlighted for 1/12th of the year?  Don’t misunderstand me, I think black history is extremely important, I just think it’s more important than the box it seems to be put in one month every year.  Black history is a part of history and shouldn’t be excluded by any means.  All history is important which is why I personally recognize “All Race History Year”.

Anyways, enough of my blabbing, here’s what Morgan Freeman has to say:


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – MLK Jr.

Just something to think about. Have a great weekend, God bless!

President Obama was probably hoping to woo the American people during his State of the Union address tonight, but Americans for Prosperity isn’t going to let America forget about the failure of Obama’s paramount achievement in office, Obamacare.

Right after the SOTU, AFP has an ad airing across the nation that highlights the story of a woman named Emilie.  She suffers from a chronic illness called Lupus and voted for Barack Obama thinking that Obamacare was going to work.  Long story short: She had a great plan, it was cancelled, and now she has to pay even more for her healthcare.

See the story for yourself:

It’s time for America to wake up and realize that this law, this administration, and this President are a complete disaster for this great country.  Hopefully this ad will help communicate the message.

God bless.



It’s only the first week of the semester here at GMU and I already have something from my macroeconomic theory class that I want to share with you.  The professor talked about why we shouldn’t be too trusting of the unemployment numbers we hear on the news and why the lowering rate shouldn’t be too comforting. I wont get into all of the details (I don’t have my Ph.D. in economics yet), but I will show you two graphs to think about.

Here’s a graph showing the unemployment rate.  As you can see, it has been declining, which is usually seen as a good thing.



But take a look at the labor force participation rate….it seems people have been leaving the labor force at record levels.




How are more people becoming employed when people are actually leaving the job market? (Searching for answers? Hint: Look into how unemployment rate and labor force are calculated)

Just something to think about.

Have a great weekend! God bless!

The RNC released a “2016 presidential straw poll”, click here to vote.

You get to choose 3 people, here were my picks:

  1. Rand Paul
  2. Allen West
  3. Ben Carson

That may change as time goes by, but we’ll see. Scott Walker and Rick Santorum are also on my personal list.

Who do you want to see as the Republican candidate? Comment here or tell me on Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, and Joe Biden as a candidate for the Democrats would be FANTASTIC!

Have a great weekend! God bless!